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Goals and prospects


Major Programs of Research and Technology Dept. of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences in the 5 year from 1398 – 1402


Strategic planning is nowadays a commonplace issue across the globe. This will allow community officials to spend time on their organization and consider what the position of the organization is and where they are and where they will be in the future. Then they seek to formulate and implement comprehensive and community-based plans to reach their supreme goal within a reasonable period of time from where they begin. On the contrary, it is impossible to properly determine where we are and what we mean by carrying out irregular, disorganized and unstructured institutional activities that are carried out continuously and on an everyday basis in the organization's environment. Therefore, a complete understanding of the organizational chart and the relationship between its elements, the process and policies of each component, following the instructions recommended, and continuous pursuit of affairs, the purpose of the system all make hopes to achieve the peaks of happiness and honour.



Vice-Chancellery for Research and Technology of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences is pursuiting goals and missions of this university based on the Islamic and ethical values, adherence to the law, the centrality of justice, serving the people, attracting their participation, and utilizing human capital and provincial capabilities. These goals include the production and dissemination of health-related knowledge, providing a platform for conducting high-quality applied, collaborative research in order to meet the real needs of society and through the use of public and private resources both within and outside the community in accordance with community culture and within the framework of National and regional policies. In this regard, the University will do its utmost effort to achieve its objectives.



Invoking God, the university's Vice Chancellery for Research and Technology will strive all its attempts and through its capacity to build up a ground for applied research and the continuous and accurate implementation of its duties at this university as well as using the technologies of the day to promote the development of science and increase the ability of individuals to promote health level and economy of the region.

Major Objectives

1. Maintain and enhance the level of organization of the university's research and technology deputy

2. Establishment of the Institute of Modern Science and Health at the University

3. Quantitative and qualitative development of university research

4. Perform field studies to identify and prevent health problems by organizing disease registration and screening systems.

5. Promoting community health through the development of disease registration projects and research activities at the Clinical Development Unit

6. Increase national and regional research projects and universities in the field of medical sciences

7. Promotion of innovative projects and innovations and technologies

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