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Animal Breeding Center

Jahrom University of Medical Sciences Centre for Animal Reproduction, Breeding and Care


Animal house of the Jahrom University of Medical Sciences was built in a physical space of 160 square meters. In this place, reproduction, breeding, and care of animals are carried out.  These animals are used as sample models for the evaluation of various diseases (infectious and non-infectious), drugs (herbal and chemical), and new biological and synthetic products and the like.

Also, research projects of all researchers, including faculty members and student theses, are carried out at this centre using equipment and facilities there. Furthermore, this centre provides workshop and training courses as well as selling animals to other research centres and universities.



Digital scales with 0.01 g accuracy

Digital scale with precision 0.001 grams

Centrifuge 24 Branches

Ben Marie Serology

Complete set of disection along with surgical blade

Sampler and Sampler cap

Complete set of laboratory equipment such as Test tube-Calibrated cylinder and the like

Refrigerator and 20 ° C freezer

Oven, Incubator

Optical microscope

Vacuum cleaner

Rat anaesthetic device

Heater magnet

Washing machine

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