Saturday, October 1, 2022
Center for Clinical Research Development


The Clinical Development Centre has been set up to facilitate clinical research by researchers at the Department of Research and Technology. This goal includes providing support and facilities to the researcher from scientific idea of research to the clinical production and publication of the process in prestigious journals.

Objectives and Schedules

1. Create a suitable platform for the production of evident assessing the status of prevention and treatment services in the health system

2. Develop the necessary infrastructure for the establishment of a disease registration system

3. Develop international communications and collaborate to register international disease registration programs

4. Acquire skills and technical knowledge to implement national and international plans for disease registration

5. Create a suitable platform for the quantitative and qualitative development of clinical research

6. Networking and promotion of inter-professional collaboration and research teams

7. Inform and promote existing registration programs

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Jahrom University Of Medical Sciences
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