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Center for Science and Technology Development

Centre for the Development of Science and Technology


Centre for the Development of Science and Technology in Jahrom was approved on the basis of the decision taken at the 41st session of Council for the Development of Medical Sciences Universities in 2014, at Jahrom University of Medical Sciences.


Areas of Activity

·         Health technology

·         Medical equipment

·         Dental equipment

·         Medicinal plants

·         Information technology

·         Stem cells

·         Biotechnology

·         Pharmaceutical industry

·         Food industry

Methods of Support

Encourage and assist students and faculty members in the area of patents

Support for commercialization plans of production

Guarantee the purchase of knowledge-based products

Set up the Research and Development Unit and Bank of Ideas

Holding various workshops on patents, commercialization and knowledge based companies

Health Technology Development Bureau: website


A) Sub-divisions

Intellectual Property Office (Inventions and Innovations Committee)

Health Technology Association

Office of Industry Relations

Inventions and Inventions Committee, Injection Competition Authority

Support for innovations and inventions, contract with inventors for industrial prototyping of the invention

South Australia Sterile Centre

Clean room


B) Services

Scientific services and consulting service include:

·         Engineering and technical advice for ideas

·         Improving the quality of the product or service

·         Consulting for the reverse engineering of foreign samples

·         Introducing supporters (charity supporters) to invest in ideas

·         Consulting engineers for designing electronic circuits, analysis and design of circuits by software

·         Consultant engineers in the field of chemistry and nanoscience

·         Participation in the acquisition of technology of universities in the format of VC

·         Protecting purchasing guarantee and setting up the purchasing network for generated products

·         Launching a joint financial fund to support start-ups in the form of facility lending

·         Consulting the feasibility and justification of technical and economic plans, production, sales and marketing

·         Designing and plotting industrial designs, manufacturing laboratory samples, manufacturing semi-industrial and industrial samples

·         Holding joint workshops and conferences in the field of invention, commercialization, knowledge based companies and the like

·         Support and assistance in carrying out clinical trials, issue certifications, etc., for projects and companies covered by the parties

·         Collaborate in launching joint projects with economic justification as well as joint MNP project

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