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Research Laboratory



The research laboratory of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences is known as a comprehensive research laboratory with genetic, cell and molecular testing facilities.


1. A suitable platform for joint projects of basic and clinical sciences

2. Perform stem-cell research projects

3. Collaboration with researchers and students from Iran and foreign universities to do research projects in the fields of cellular and molecular sciences and serology

4. Research laboratory space of 200 square meters

5. Cell research section of nearly 14 square meters.

6. Real-time PCR and PCR special room of nearly 14 square meters

7. PCR preparation room (nearly 6 square meters).

8. Western blot room (12 square meters).

9. UPS equipment and ability of simultaneous use of PCR and Real-time devices

10. Existence of IVF lab and implementation of IVF projects

11. Extremely sterilized space through UV lamps and partitioning



1. Stem-Cell Culture Lab: Invert Microscope, CO2 Incubator, Laminar Hood, Nitrogen Tank

2. IVF Lab: Laminar Hood, CO2 Incubator and Microscope

3. Western Blot Laboratory: Western blot machine and power supply

4. PCR Lab: Real-Time PCR machine, PCR machine and UPS machine

5. POST-PCR Lab: Documentation Gel Machine, Power Supply, Electrophoresis and Sampler Tanks

6. Serology Lab: Elisa Reader Machine, Elisa Washers and Printer Machine

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