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Research center for Social Determinants of Health


Research center for Social Determinants of Health

About the center:

The Center for Research on Social Determinants of Health intends to conduct research projects at regional and national levels with emphasis on social determinants affecting health. The projects are supposed to integrate research into education and community health management, in addition to increasing knowledge in the country. Next, provide the public with research results to promote health justice and health standards. The most important reason for the existance of this center is to guide and implement applied and developmental research, and knowledge production in the field of social determinants affecting health, to achieve justice in line with the national development perspective.


Dr. Keramatollah Rahmanian, MD, Social Medicine

Medical Technologist:

Samira Rahmanian, MSc. Nutritionist and Nutrition therapist

Board of the founders:

1. Full-time Members:

Dr. Keramatollah Rahmanian

Shiva Beigizadeh

2. Part-time-time Members:

Dr. Leili Mosalanejad

Council Members:

Yaser Sarikhani

Shiva Beigizadeh

Dr. Keramatollah Rahmanian

Dr. Leili Mosalanejad

Dr. Abdolreza Sotoodeh

Vahid Rahmanian

Samira Rahmanian

General Affiliation:

Research Center for Social Determinants of Health .Jahrom University of Medical Sciences,

Jahrom, Iran

Contact Us:

Directorate of Research and Technology of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences

School of Medicine

Jahrom University of Medical Sciences

Motahari Blvd. Jahrom: 74148 – 46199

Jahrom, Iran

JUMS Tel: + 98 71 54340405 - 10

Vice-chancellery for Research Tel: + 98 71 54440821

Fax: + 98 71 54344002


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